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Results ( 8 ) : 2016 - 5.

A Question of Coherence: The Proposals on EU Contract Rules on Digital Content and Online Sales

Authors: M. Lehmann

Abstract: Digitalization is revolutionizing our life. In response to its ever growing impact, the European Commission has tabled two proposals for new directives, one pertaining to contracts for the supply of digital content, the other regarding online and o...

Family Benefits in the EU: Is It Still Possible to Coordinate Them?

Authors: G. Strban

Abstract: The coordination and especially the export of family benefits within the EU is high on the agenda, not only due to its complexity, but also because it is politically sensitive. In the present article the plethora of various family benefits, corresp...

‘Brexit’: Consequences for Citizenship of the Union and Residence Rights

Authors: G. Marrero González

Abstract: On 23 June 2016, the British people decided to leave the European Union (EU). Although the withdrawal process has not yet started, it is not surprising that some concerns have emerged in relation to the situation of British citizens residing outsid...

The Unstoppable Expansion of the EU Fundamental Right to Data Protection: Little Shop of Horrors?

Authors: M. Brkan

Abstract: The EU fundamental right to data protection and the secondary legislation in this field are undergoing a constant process of expansion both through decisions of the Court of Justice of the EU as well as by means of legislative measures. This right ...