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Results ( 9 ) : 2016 - 4.

One of Many Challenges after ‘Brexit’: The Institutional Framework of an Alternative Agreement – Lessons from Switzerland and Elsewhere?

Authors: C. Tobler

Abstract: Defining an alternative arrangement for the UK’s future relationship with the European Union following ‘Brexit’ will raise both substantive and institutional issues. In the public debate, the latter tend to be underestimated. The present article is...

Discretion and the Economics of Defensive Behaviour by Public Bodies

Authors: J. De Mot, M.G. Faure

Abstract: While in many countries the liability of public authorities in negligence resembles the liability of ordinary persons quite well, several exceptions which shield public authorities from liability remain important. A policy consideration which often...

The Contribution of Local and Regional Authorities to a ‘Good’ System of Governance within the EU

Authors: C. Panara

Abstract: The participation of the local and regional authorities in EU processes should be promoted and enhanced by the EU, the Member States and the same local/regional authorities. These should perform a stronger role in the constitutional architecture of...

Article 51 of the Charter in the Legislative Processes of the Member States

Authors: M. De Mol

Abstract: Member States have to comply with the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU (the Charter) in their national legislative processes, but only with regard to legislative acts qualifying as the implementation of Union law in the sense of Article 51(1...

Identities in Contract: Merchant Law in Europe and the Future of European Contract Law

Authors: M. Heidemann

Abstract: The European Union legislator has concentrated on the consumer contract neglecting its counterpart, the commercial contract, the B2B transaction. The result is the absence of any dedicated EU commercial contract law. By contrast, international codi...