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Results ( 12 ) : 2016 - 2.

After 12 Years…

Authors: V. Skouris

‘All Bad Things Must Come to an End’: The Application of State Aid Rules to the New EU Regime for Bank Resolution

Authors: P. Nicolaides

Abstract: This article examines the new EU rules on the resolution of banks and their conformity with Article 107 TFEU. Normally, state aid rules apply to national measures. However, EU law that came into effect on 1 January 2016 extended the application of ...

The So-Called Pan-European Depositors’ Protection Scheme: A Further Euro Own-Goal? A Critical Analysis of Directive 2014/49

Authors: P. De Gioia-carabellese, C. Chessa

Abstract: This article focuses on the legal provisions of Directive 2014/49 on deposit guarantee schemes (the DGS Directive) and focuses on how the national schemes financially support each another by offering a critical analysis to demonstrate that the new ...

The Evolving EU Anti-Money Laundering Regime: Challenges for Fundamental Rights and the Rule of Law

Authors: V. Mitsilegas, N. Vavoula

Abstract: Over the past twenty-five years, the European Union has developed a far-reaching legal regime aimed at countering money laundering. The evolution of this regime has been linked inextricably with the parallel development of global standards in the f...

From Veto Players to Agenda-Setters? National Parliaments and their ‘Green Card’ to the European Commission

Authors: C. Fasone, D. Fromage

Abstract: National parliaments (NPs) had long been excluded from the European integration process and were in many Member States at best kept informed and rarely involved in daily EU affairs. With the Lisbon Treaty and its introduction of the Early Warning S...

Transnationalizing Comparative Law

Authors: R. Michaels