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Results ( 13 ) : 2016 - 1.

Ultra Vires Review and the Demise of Constitutional Pluralism: The Czecho-Slovak Pension Saga, and the Dangers of State Courts’ Defiance of EU Law

Authors: Z. Kühn

Abstract: The Czech Constitutional Court decision in the Czecho-Slovak pension saga, declaring a judgment of the Court of Justice ultra vires, represents one important step in the debate on the sustainability of the so-called constitutional pluralism in the ...

A New Conversation: Preliminary References from the Italian Constitutional Court

Authors: S. Sciarra, G. Nicastro

Abstract: This article offers a brief historical picture of the complex and at times controversial conversation established between the Italian Constitutional Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union. The first two preliminary references sent fro...

Accepting the Judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union as Authoritative: The Supreme Court of Ireland, the European Stability Mechanism and the Importance of Legal Certainty

Authors: P. Charleton, A. Cox

Abstract: This article discusses the contrasting constitutional models as between Ireland and Germany of accession to the European Union. Sovereign states are entitled to share a currency pursuant to treaty. Whether that potential has been lost under the Eur...